We’re about outta here..

We’re just about done here at this Artist Residency.  Then off to Montreal and Toronto for a bit. After, we’ll visit family before we.. head West?  We’ve got a big trip planned to visit a bunch of National Parks.. mainly the ones I’ve been painting.  Then, probably staying in Portland for a bit (unless something else comes up).

So, I finished my second series of paintings and I learned quite a bit from them.  I’ve never painted so much rock in my life… and I’ve never painted so small before.. or used gouache on gessoed wood panels (the last part proved most difficult as paint would just keep lifting off).  I really like the Arches National Park and Vanagon painting, but in general, these were pretty good studies.

Now, I’m excited to make some stickers and possibly get started on a zine, or comic, or graphic novel.  Not sure where that will exactly head, but as I’m moving around a lot for the next month, a sketchbook will be nice to work in for a bit.

Also, my wife has been doing some good work up here too.. nearly 60 drawings now.. (though I don’t think she’s posted any..) and a handful of other illustrations and paintings.  atidorfa.com or instagram@atidorfa

girl in yosemite girl in sea of cortez boy in yellowstone sketches