This is a post for.. myeslf (an idea)..

I’m nearly positive the reach of a post like this goes no further than me looking at it.. but, I do need to get into the habit of using this thing and not relying on instagram. I really hate social media.

So, I have an idea.. or multiple.. a lot of ideas.

-Use up all of my old art supplies (most of which I’ve moved with so many damn times over the lat 15 years.. Chicago to Denver to Chicago to St. Louis to Chicago (so many apartments in there)).

-Make a better website (or at least make this thing look better).

-Get a better job (making a better looking website seems to go along with that one).

-Write more comics (so many ideas typed in my notes).

-Make more art to sell (like I’m doing a hot job selling it now?).

-Get some tables at some places/events to sell art (there we go.. that’s how to move all this shit).

That’s kind of the gist.

*Regarding the really bad pic of a really bad mural outside of my classroom:

Hopefully my art club can get something better painted there this year! I think the photo is so poor because I was about to snap a pic to show Dita, but realized a video would be better.. and must have been making that decision before I framed up the shot. Wow I hate this mural.. and this picture. I need to get used to being more comfortable showing bad stuff, process, fails.. etc.