Goodbye Chicago, I will miss you. I chose to move for no better reason than to shake things up a little bit and to try something new.

So, in the last couple months life has seen a lot of change. I got married, quit my job teaching high school art in Waukegan, decided I’d blow through my savings and try to live a year as an artist while checking out some cities..

Before teaching ended I had an awesome experience pushing my time in my studio at school. I made 30 ceramic planters and made 100 copies of a zine/sketchbook.


These zines are pretty rad. There’s a bunch of fun in here.  (I should make a little video of page flipping when I get back to the states). I’ve dropped several off already… and given a lot away. In Chicago you can find them at Quimby’s. In Milwaukee you can check out Hot Pop. I’ll probably sell the rest on my website once I get all of that stuff worked out when I get settled into the next place I live.

While we’re on Hot Pop, you’ll also be able to find a ton of my ceramics pieces there. Dropped off a lot of those too before I bounced out of the area. Below is an example.. They’re selling pretty cheap.


More here

Also, before I left I put up a bunch of b’goks and planters on the streets. Ba bam. Wheatpasting and liquid nailing my way around Wicker Park and Logan Square.  Some of which are on my Instagram.. Super fun experience that I can’t wait to continue. Stickers aren’t half as fun.

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